The list of the opening speeches can be found here.

Dear MUN Director and MUN Advisor,
With great pride we announce the second public DISDHMUN conference, which will be held on Thursday, February 15th 2024. This conference will be suitable for all wishing to attend between the ages of 14 and 19 years.

Last year’s conference was a wonderful experience for all participants. That is why the Board of Directors is excited to host another public conference.

Our conference aims to foster a conducive environment for students to connect, enhance their English and public speaking skills, practice diplomacy, engage in debates, and develop a keen interest in politics. We are confident that with more than 150 participants, we will create the dynamic atmosphere necessary to achieve these objectives.

For our second DISDHMUN conference we chose to focus on the tenth sustainable development goal: Reduce Inequality Within and Among Countries. Based on this goal we created the theme of our conference: Overcoming Global Inequality through International Cooperation.

We chose to concentrate on the tenth sustainable development goal as it is one of the most relevant and fundamental in today’s day and age. Reducing inequality would benefit the people in this world greatly as it would grant every inhabitant the same opportunities in life and allow for everyone’s contribution to a more diversified society. Inequality is one of the most pivotal issues in society as it holds back all progress. Only if everyone has the same options, can we reach our full potential. That is why it is crucial for us to come together and address this issue head-on, by exploring ways to overcome global inequality through international cooperation for a more equitable world.

With the theme Overcoming Global Inequality through International Cooperation, we aim to inspire participants to think critically and propose effective measures that can contribute to the reduction of disparities both within nations and across borders. By emphasizing the importance of collaboration and unity on an international scale, we hope to instil a sense of responsibility in every delegate and empower the next generation of leaders to work towards a more just and inclusive future.

The deadline for the school registration, single delegate registration and student officer applications is Sunday, October 8th.