Human Rights Committee

  • Improving working conditions at the FIFA Qatar World Championship
  • Combating the ongoing oppression of the Uyghurs

Environment Committee

  • Tackling poaching and the trade with illegal wildlife trophies
  • The question of Bangladesh and rising sea levels

Health and Youth Committee

  • Tackling the increasing rate of obesity
  • Tackling the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

General Assembly 1

  • Terminating cartel violence
  • Stopping territorial disputes in the arctic region
  • GA plenary session

General Assembly 3

  • Preventing the destruction of cultural material heritage
  • Rebuilding and restructuring Haiti
  • GA plenary session

General Assembly 4

  • The question of Hong Kong
  • Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • GA plenary session

GA Plenary Session

  • Securing peace in space

Security Council

  • The question of Taiwan
  • The future of the UNSC

Historical Security Council 1979

  • Ending the Angolan-South African conflict
  • American diplomats held hostages in Iran


  • Freeing modern slaves
  • Preventing the exploit of tax havens

Special Conference

  • Humanizing jail conditions
  • Supporting independent journalism

Advisory Panel on the Question of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missiles program

  • Establishing a global coordinated response